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Are you embarrassed to leave your garage door open and run the risk of neighbors seeing the cracked and cluttered space? No matter what your budget is, you can design the garage of your dreams with help from Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City! Our Garage Gurus have seen it all from dingy workspaces and damaged floors to cluttered corners and more.

Transforming garages in Piedmont, OK is what Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City does best. Check out the professional garage remodeling services we offer to help your garage today!

  • Garage Floor Coating - We specialize in Polyaspartic Floor Coating to protect your garage floors from damage, while maintaining a beautiful, granite-like finish.
  • Garage Storage Solutions - Completely transform your garage from cluttered to clean with new garage cabinets, shelves, a workbench, or our other storage options.
  • Garage Organization & Accessories - Maximize your space and create a new display case for your items by adding a slatwall or track system on the wall!

Whether you want to install new garage flooring or add strong garage cabinets and shelves for extra storage space, Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City has the perfect solution for you. Schedule a free estimate and design consultation with our Dream Team in Piedmont, OK today!

Transformative garage floor coating available in Piedmont, OK

The most common garage floor coating that homeowners have installed is epoxy, but Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City has developed a better, more reliable alternative - Polyaspartic. Our solution has a fast cure time of about a day, compared to epoxy that can take up to a week. Polyaspartic technology is a water-like solution that can spread into the smallest cracks and cervices, leaving your garage floor perfectly even and has a granite-like appearance. Some of the other benefits that come with Polyapartic are:

  • High-quality, protective coating
  • Extremely durable
  • UV resistant
  • Four unique colors
  • Won’t peel, flake, chip, fade or turn yellow

Say goodbye to a dingy garage with Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City! Schedule a free estimate on our exclusive garage floor coating in Piedmont, OK today!

Industrial-grade garage storage solutions & accessories in Piedmont

The garage plays many different roles within your home, from a repair shop to a storage room for old decorations and even a pantry. No matter what you use the garage for, having customary storage helps keep your items organized and stored in a safe place, rather the floor. Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City has the perfect garage storage solutions that can transform any garage from cluttered to clean instantly!

Our Garage Gurus can install a variety of industrial-grade and customizable storage solutions to meet your specific needs. We can transform your garage with new garage cabinets, shelves, workbenches, overhead storage, dropzone, a slatwall or a track system. Turn your oversized junk drawer back into a garage with professional garage storage solutions and accessories from Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City. Schedule a free estimate today in Piedmont, OK on any one of our garage storage options.

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Overhead Storage And Wall Mounts In Piedmont, OK

Homeowners were tired of the stress their messy garage created. They contacted Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City to see how our Garage Gurus could transform their garage. We installed wall mounts and overhead storage units. They could now organize their garage by lifting items off their floor. Discover all our storage solutions by scheduling a free consultation!

Flooring Solutions In Piedmont, OK

David's floors were stained and ugly and he wanted to find a solution for his garage in Piedmont, OK. So, he called Hello Garage of North Oklahoma City and our Garage Gurus introduced him to our 100% polyaspartic garage flooring. This flooring solution is damage-resistant and even comes warranty-protected! Scheudle a free consultation with us today!

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